buy the cOMBO DISCOUNTED TO $25.00!!
buy the cOMBO DISCOUNTED TO $25.00!!
Canine Brand Premium Conditioner 12 oz.
Canine Brand Premium Conditioner 12 oz.

Canine Brand Premium Conditioner 12 oz.

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Canine Brand Premium Conditioner 12 oz.
As much as bath time can be a pain for you and your pooch, if it ends once you’ve washed the shampoo off, you’re doing the both of you a major disservice. While shampoos are great for removing dirt, toxins, and grime buildup, your dog’s fur still needs an extra layer of protection that shampoos simply CANNOT provide.
The ingredients that make shampoo effective can, unfortunately, do a bit of damage to your pup’s skin and fur, and over time, it adds up. Consider adding Barbie's Blend Premium 100% Natural Conditioner to your bath routine to see all these benefits and more:
  • Restore an extra layer of moisture to your dog’s fur after shampooing, giving their coat a wonderful, lustrous shine.
  • Help maintain the natural balance of oil in your dog’s fur and skin.
  • Shampoo ‘opens’ up the cuticles on your dog’s fur to remove dirt and bacteria. Prevent bacteria from re-entering their cuticles by using conditioner to seal them properly.
  • Extracts from apple, lemon, orange, and other natural ingredients leave your dog smelling great without irritating sensitive their noses
  • Another serving of Activated Charcoal to help detoxify and remove unwanted odors
  • Our secret scent to leave your dog smelling good for days
Barbie's Blend Conditioner

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