buy the cOMBO DISCOUNTED TO $25.00!!
buy the cOMBO DISCOUNTED TO $25.00!!

Happy customers

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It didn't take a lot of shampoo to bathe her, the foam was thick and rinsed really well. Her coat was super soft after the conditioner and she still feels clean. We took her out later that night and someone commented that she smelled nice.

--Daniel, Groomer, Plano, TX


I used the product on my Golden Doodle yesterday.  The scent in her coat is very subtle, and the coat feels great! I did not notice any problems or irritation. She also did not show discomfort like some products cause that have a strong odor for a hunting dog. I liked the shampoo, but I LOVED the conditioner. That's the bomb-diggity right there. I usually just bathe her and never condition her, but it makes a huge difference.

--Brent W. Realtor, Prosper TX


I have a white maltese and I was amazed at how bright and soft the coat was! She was so easy to brush afterwards! Definitely my favorite!


--Tricia. Stylist , Lewisville TX


 We have a rescue pit mix with really short "wirey" hair. I  was really amazed at how soft his hair was after using the conditioner. We are now furever customers!


--Barb H, Tampa, FL